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GLB Philosophy

Nutrient Efficiency

The founding principle of our products is Nutrient Efficiency, to improve soil structure and chelation of nutrients for healthier plants. The highest potential of any plant is maximizing the secondary metabolites for better health of the plant and better nturtional value and taste to the consumer.

GLB Clean Farming

Organic Nutrients have always been associated as clean farming. People assume "organic" means clean with no pesticides or heavy metals, but that's not always the case. As growers are educated, they will find that GLB All natural, Organic and GLB Clean mineral based nutrients are as clean or cleaner than most if not all "organic" soils. It's time to find out what you are growing with, and how clean your food really is. GLB products have almost zero salts to make all our nutrient and microbial products completely available to the plant.

GLB Manufacturing

We pull the salts and heavy metals from our ingredients to make our products some of the cleanest in the industry. The low salts (as low as 0.01%), as well as the biotic and abiotic stress reducing amendments help to allow for less stress, and let plants grow to their potential in both quality and yield. The raw ingredients are some of the highest quality in the industry and GLB does not use any short cuts in any of our products. The fish are caught specifically for our fish product, not leftovers from another business. Our microbial carbohydrates, are not left over from the sugar industry but proprietary.

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GLB Crop Management Services

Soil and water testing analysis for all crops including Hemp also address soil issues including salt mitigation, soil integrity, weed, disease and pest pressures.

Organic Post Harvest/Pre-Plant Amendments

One of the most critical aspects to farming that is not fully understood is the digestion of prior year plant residue so it can return to the soil to be used the following year as well as mineralizing nutrients, so they are available for your plants.  Manures, and cover crops used to add additional nitrogen to the field must be mineralized and if not, they are not readily available to the plants.  The proper microbial complex makes a difference in mineralization as well as reducing pest and weed pressure in your fields. Once the fields are prepared to plant and if the famer has tilled, the microbial community is displaced and can cost yield potential if not properly replace at the time of planting or before. The following amendments can help with all the problems above with regards to prepping the fields for success.

Organic Soil Detox & Remediation

Organically Remove Heavy Metals, Salts, Petroleum Based Herbicides and Fertilizers and Soil Borne Disease while balancing the soil.

Commercial Organic Regenerative Practices

Create commercial recycled soil programs.  All farmers should be recycling soils for pot use.  Many microbial products in bottles cause issues once you start to recycle soils due to yeasts, poor production quality or other ingredients that are not complementary with your soil.  Many microbe and fungal products do not understand exactly what they are adding and in some cases on name brands they have microorganisms that are antagonistic to other organisms in the same bottle.  Our organic chemist has been growing microbes for over 35 years.

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