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BloomSap 0-9-11 can be used by growers that already have a recipe but are looking for higher fruits, vegatables, and flower or as  a mainstain in the garden but we recommend pairing with a nitrgoen product like our GLB Fish 5-0.75-1 The bases for all plants quality comes from Secondary metabolites in the plant, which affect the smell, taste and looks, and like on any tomato plant you can smell the terpenes, taste the sweetness of the sugar and resin and see the difference in quality.  We are one of the only companies that can boast that our producta have the salts and heavy metals pulled from the input materials before any products are made creating healthier plants and food for you.  BloomSap 0-9-11 contains our Micro DS which is all 100% available micronutrients at levels that are different than our compeitiors through research and development, It also contains our proprietary carbohydrate Brix57 for resin and sugar production in the plant as well at our PK boost that has 0.03% salts making it the cleanest amendment of its kind in the marketplace. Lastly we use are fulvic acid at 1% to help with uptake into the plant This product can be added over the top of your nutrients, depending on what and how you are growing up to 2-4 mL per gallon of water. 

32 oz BloomSap 0-9-11

SKU: 364115376135191
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