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The garden sample pack includes Shipping and contains enough for over 55 gallons of nutrient mix, Some products will last longer depending on use. The package will come with instuctions on how to use. 

1/2 oz bottle of Enhance MC Microbial

2 oz Liquid Organic Matter

2 oz Calcium 9,

2oz Magnesium 2.5%

8 oz GLB Fish

8 oz BloomSap 0-9-11 (includes PK Boost, Brix57, Micro DS and 1% fulvic acid)

Garden Pack

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$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • The garden pack includes:

    1/2 oz bottle of Enhance MC Microbial - is made of up proper soil bacteria that has nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilizing properties as well as it breaks down plant residue which turns into biology and plant food, while keeping the root system clean and helping the plants to root. It also contains Kelp and Fulvic Acid,  This product will not be used directly on plants but as a pre plant or small amounts around the plants to only get the biology into the soil.  It is not needed for repetative doses for garden settings.

    2 oz Liquid Organic Matter is humate based for biotic and abiotic stress reduction, a carbon food source for biology as well as essential trace minerals and organic acids.

    2 oz Calcium 9 helps to push nutrients throughout the plant and helps in a number of functions.

    2oz Magnesium 2.5% helps in the photosynthesis process as well as creating chlorophyll which helps to make your plants green.

    8 oz GLB Fish 5-0.75-1- This product is made from fish fillet fish meal and enzymatically broken down, not like over 99% of the industry which uses acids to break down fish bones as part of the process.

    8 oz BloomSap 0-9-11 (includes PK Boost, Brix57, Micro DS and 1% fulvic acid) This all in one is used during the bloom phase to help with creating larger healthier, sweeter fruits and vegetables. The garden pack includes


  • If local to the Minneapois area please contact for pick up. 

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