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Commercial Crops, Green House,
and Gardening

All our nutrients have had salts and heavy metals removed for a cleaner and healthier nutrient for your plants.  Please contact us for a free evaluation of your soil reports and consultation on best practices for your farm. We only sell smaller sizes online for gardens and potted plants of a non-commercial nature to raise the quality of your home gardens as well.


Organic Enhance MC Microbial

  • 8 acres to the gallon for field applications - 16 oz to the acre

  • Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria – pulls nitrogen from the atmosphere to help in propagation through bloom phase.

  • Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria- unlocks phosphorus that is locked up in soil and salt-based nutrients.

  • Cellulose Degradation- breaks down all dead cellulose which includes dead roots keeping the root system clean and turning the plant residue back into available nutrients for the plant.

  • Salt Mitigation-bacteria that helps to mitigate salt which is an abiotic stress on the plants.

  • 6% Fulvic Acid helps to uptake micronutrients

  • GLB does not use yeasts or any Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) banned or unbanned

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