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Serpent Oil Indoor

New Products for 2020

Serpent Oil


Why Serpent Oil? The base ingredients for our nutrients have been used on 100,000s of agricultural crop acres for years, however, this is the first time they have been formulated for the hemp industry, initially for mass hemp operations. We believe the products in the field are of the highest quality and we are finally ready to roll out a full indoor line.   We have had indoor hemp propagation operations but we never had a true indoor micronutrient we were happy with until this year.  We are now getting excellent results indoors, ready to expand and stand on our quality of products but unless growers use it, they won’t believe it.

So if it’s all snake oil until you try it, and we truly believe that GreenLife Biotics has Better Products Better Pricing, then we might as well own it…. GLB Snake oil.

Though GreenLife Biotics has conventional and certified organic farmers using our products for all types of crops, our company in 2018 progressed from bringing sun grown outdoor products to indoor propagation, and now as of 2020, full cycle indoor flowering. Everybody says they have the best nutrients and soil amendments; we believe we have some of the best at the best pricing. The normal way to market great products is to rush in, get investors, and stretch your self thin in growing pains racking up more debt. Nope…we are looking at the long term and don’t subscribe to conventional marketing strategies. If we are not greedy, have patience and prove to have some of the best products, then people will find out about us.  And as we don’t have investors in our pockets telling us what to do, we can keep prices low and call our products whatever the F we want….so Serpent Oil it is.

As we said, until you see if for yourself you won’t believe it, so we are willing to wait until it gets out.  Side by side versus your current products to see,  take one product and see if we are real or not. We have gone against all the major microbial products, and when you understand what our product does paired with the price…. it’s not that close.   We are not looking to take over the market and we are going to piss off a lot of growers as we are commercial direct to farm company and will be rolling out products to small growers rather slowly, state by state into hydroponic stores when we see there is a need. So if you want us in your area let us know.

But the difference is not just the quality of the ingredients and the processes used to pull salts out of the products, in the field we can reduce pest and disease pressure by nothing else but proper uptake of the correct nutrients creating healthy plants.  So our primary focus is can we eliminate pest pressure in this industry, indoors? It will be tough, especially when you have growers pushing environments and nutrients or not controlling them, then stripping plants. The super cropping and stripping is the tricky part as we normally have those leaves that can buffer micronutrient deficiencies in our agricultural crops.  Knowing how to do it is 20% the battle, the other 80% is having the proper amendments that allows the correct nutrients to uptake into the plant at the proper times. Everyone says they have the same or better products…I guess we’ll see.

The biggest difference in our products is the fact our nutrients have had all the unnecessary salts pulled out of them, and are formulated to reduce biotic and abiotic stress.  The salts are reduced to create the highest plant availability and nutrient efficiency. You don’t understand how a plant reacts to low salts until you start using them.




We started outdoors and have tested indoors with excellent results, but we also know it doesn’t matter what our results are in a perfect setting.  When our nutrients are being used by real growers, pushing their plants and when everything is not perfect, we find that there is a lot of nuance in application rates to get the highest yields and quality with the least amount of pest and disease pressure. We can raise the secondary metabolites in the plant by proper nutrient uptake to help protect against disease but a humid environment in late flower is going to do what it does every time.  We are working on products for all phases but our goals is to see if we can go through full cycles of plants indoors with no to little pest pressure and not using pesticides organic or otherwise in a commercial setting.  It’s been done when there is no stress and no one is stripping plants but we do not have enough data and that’s where we need to do more 3rd party grower testing.  You have to have goals. These products are for the growers, you should have some input on future iterations of the products as well.  So, before we bring it out nationwide, we are allowing groups throughout the country to test our product to compare pest pressure, disease press, yields and quality versus there current recipes.

Our current clients especially hemp farmers that need to use it for propagation, it ‘s still available at the start of the year.  The indoor propagation for non certified organic properties has been set for a while but it’s the nuance of application rates in flower for our other growers that need to be locked down.  In the field we can grow non-GMO conventional crops without pesticides, but we know the better the product works the more growers want to push their plants and when you push, you upset the natural balance creating an environment for pests and disease.

We don’t go into how we make the plants healthier to help growers reduce pest and disease pressure as that is for us to know and our competitors to find out. In general, when growers are pushing their plants, they create an environment which doesn’t allow for the proper enzymes to be created which affect disease pressure.  Pest pressure is a simpler process, can the soil medium, nutrients and amendments help to create an environment to no pest or disease issues? No one ever explains the cause for your aphids, mites, etc. The answer has been around for decades but there is no money in being clean or the nutrient companies just don’t know how to fix the problem.  No food…no pests…..and that is a lot easier to say than do but in the field it happens every year. Our goal is to create a healthy plant even in the most man made stressful situations which can allow the plant to fight pests and disease for us. Not sure we can completely ever get rid of pests as its a constant battle but as a company you have to have a goal and we are closer than you think.  It’s not if we can eliminate pest pressure without a pest management program but do we make the plants healthy enough to do it on their own.  So we must be selling Snake Oil, right?

Enhance MC Microbial 


We will side by side with any microbial on the market or homemade tea.  Some like the process of crafting their teas and we are all for those that love to do it, but we have created one of the cleanest microbial products on the market but more importantly it is a synergistic community of microorganisms .  It lasts longer without excessive biofilm and is not made with yeasts of any type so it will not hurt using as a foliar spray.  We don’t use any banned or unbanned plant growth regulators or any other tricks for bigger yields.  All microbes have their place we talk about side by sides regarding the overall quality of the soil and plants. It’s subjective and we understand that as the saltiest nutrients can still create a profile and overall experience that may people like and we are not trying to say otherwise but we do believe that when incorporating quality, yield, price, time and energy we create better products and better pricing. As said, we don’t use plant growth regulators or any other crap in any of our products period. Nothing that is illegal or shouldn’t be in the bottles.  Everything we make is clean, they work as a community and nothing is antagonistic.

Enhance MC Microbial  has nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes that help to make nitrogen and phosphorous more available.  It also contains microbes that break down cellulose, so it helps to clean up dead roots and 6% of our Fulvic acid.  We use this in the cloning and seedling process as well as during veg and flower. What we find is that once we complement this community of microbes with our sugars and long chain carbon in our Liquid Organic Matter the plants want to feed to a much higher degree.   

It’s 0.5-1 mL per gallon of water and depending on the area, there is max pricing once it gets into your local hydroponic shop, so it can only be sold for a max $125-130 per gallon. This retail pricing is for hydroponic stores and is not the same as our large commercial farm direct pricing where 1 gallon covers 8 acres in the field. See the Enhance MC page for more information  0.5-1 ml per gallon and depending on the environment and soil 1-3 times a week.

Enhance MC Microbial Label

Enhance MC Bottle Sizes

There is a max pricing for Enhance MC nationwide at retail locations. It can be much lower but Max MSRP 8 oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon cases, 55 gallon Drum, 275 tote. All products sold based on individual bottles/cases, and tiered pricing for pallet volumes. Contact for more information.



Liquid Organic Matter


This product is mined lignite ore and is a 12% humic acid but at 8.5% pH.  The ore is pulled apart and put back together in a way that in the field allows for some uncommon results.  The mined ore is a long chain carbon, an excellent food source for microbes as well and that’s all we will give away about this product. This product allows us to manipulate the watering schedule.  We would like to see watering at 3 times a week so depending on environment and soil we will move this product either up or down to get us to the every other day feeding.  5 mLs 3 times a week


GLB Fish (GLB Organic Veg)  5-.75-1


This product contains a few products from last year with both over 24 amino acids that are plant based as well as a fish that is a cold homogenized concentrate. Yes, we don’t add heat, This is not crushed up Fish meal, Fish bone, Fish heads or Fish crap just Fish meat. This is not a by product of any other industry, our fish concentrate is determined by the amount that can be caught in certain seasons. We spend more on better inputs. Our fish product does not separate like 99% of the industry. We don’t use ounces per gallon like some other companies we use 0.5-6 mL depending on purpose. Our cloning operations are having exceptional success with this product as well. We have sped up a lot of large propagation facilities’ rooting with this product and will be rolling it out in 2020.  Propagation 0.5-1 mL per gallon of water and as a Nitrogen source 3-6 mLs per gallon of water.

GLB Fish (Organic Veg) Label


GLB Micro


An extremely concentrated dose of clean micro nutrients in which we decided to create a version that can be use in the field as well as indoor.  Currently testing is showing that the application rate indoors is 1-1.5 mL to 10 gallons of water 1 time a week and every other week if partial soil. In the future we will look to create smaller sizes, but we are first a Big Ag direct to farm company so smaller bottles will roll out in the future.  This product would show very little if we actually diluted it to 1-1.5 mls per gallon. The current product testing will be a dilution of 1 to 32 then use the diluted solution at 1-1.5 mLs per gallon of water. It can be used in soilless medium or soil which will be used 1/2 as often or less.   #NutrientEfficiency


GLB Brix57


This product cannot be sold in hydro stores as it only uses 1-1.5 mL of GLB Brix57 as the max amount you can use per week which can replace up to 10 mLs of molasses.
This carbohydrate product is for shorter bursts needed to ramp up microbial and microorganism activity. It is not made of sugar cane or sugar beat. We have four separate food sources for our microbial community in the entire line, but this is not like anything you have ever used.  It is made from a very clean plant based all-natural fructose and dextrose.  As with all our products we don’t say much about our snake oil, but there is nothing additional except for sugars in this bottle, it’s just some of, if not the cleanest form, of short chain sugar in the industry and when used in combination with our Liquid Organic Matter it sustains our microorganisms longer needing less applications.  Our original testers didn’t think it would make a difference….and they changed their mind after using it. This product has the equivalent of at least 6.4 pounds of dry sugar per gallon and the carbohydrate content is over 57%.  This is an amendment and should not be the only food source for your microbes if using outside of the Serpent Oil Line.

We do not recommend using over 1.5 mls per gallon at any one time and each grower should test starting at lower rates. We will side by side vs any molasses using a conversion ratio of at least 5ml of molasses to 1 ml of Brix57.

General feeding schedule

1 mL 1 time per 30 days of veg, 0.75-1.5 mLs 1 time at start of bloom and up to 0.75 mLs after week 4 or end of stretch in flower.  This product will make your plants want to feed at a high rate, test at lower levels to find application rates. Use sparingly if in a cloning operation.

GLB Brix57

Early Veg   Optional – 0.5 mL 1 time once transplanted in Week 2 if you have at least 30 days of Veg but be prepared for a stretch if its in your genetics.

Start of Flower  0.75-1.5 mL Brix57 at start of flower 1 time this may still cause a serious stretch if its apart of the genetics may want to use lower amounts to start.

Flower Stretch – we do not recommend to use Brix57 during rest of stretch in flower through week 3 at least

Week 4 Flower – 0.75 ml per gallon 1 time a week until Flush

Bloom Accelerant  0.5-17-17


This product is made from ammoniacal nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide however we have pulled out salts (0.03% sodium) to make a product that does not burn, is very clean and is an excellent PK booster to add to other nutrient lines even though it is our only source of P & K in our line.  It works properly even at the start of flower at such high numbers due to the way it is put together.  0.5 mL 3 times a week in Veg. 4-5 mL 3 times a week in flower. As a note we do not use any PK Boosters with High CBD Hemp unless the genetics have been proven stable


Beta Testing and will be including in the 4 plant pack giveaway in January 2020


4 Plant Tester Kit – USA Only

Current Beta Testers Session Closed… We will looking for additional beta testers later this year so sign up for future opportunities. Those that sign up must also be following @GreenLifeBiotics on Instagram. A portion of the beta testers will be strictly for data points necessary for the anecdotal data, some from testers at hydroponic shops and a portion from a random sample. There will be future beta testing as well. We have a number of products including Dry Organic Matter for indoor use, a dry 21% Calcium 17% Sulfur 100% available infused humates and more. We are about to get next level…


For information on Product Updates, Giveaways and Beta Testing opportunities of new products please submit your email address below. Thank you for your time, GreenLife Biotics Research Team