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Seed Testing and Enhancements

We are one of the few, if not the only company in the hemp industry that has a seed physiologist of over 30 years testing hemp seed as well and enhancing seed for field production. 2018 we started the push for our seed physiologist to bring back his full capabilities of seed enhancement because the seed that is being produce by most companies is relatively poor quality and cannot be drilled directly into the field. What is poor quality? Germination rates in the 80-90% range in the perfect setting and under 80% in the field. Those 80% germ rate seeds are getting less than 60% in the field and without a basic pre-treatment as low as 20% in the field. As there are no standards for hemp seed quality we have decided to raise the bar. In most cases hemp seed is bought as is with no guarantees. The bag may say 92% germination rate but no one knows when and who did the germination tests and how the seed was stored after that test.

3rd Party Commercial Production Testing includes seed germination, vigor and fungal issues.

Seed Enhancement is more for the larger customer or seed company. We go through a suitability testing to find out what are the capabilities of the seed and what will it take to maximize enhancement. Once the suitability test has been completed the data is put into an algorithm to determine the proper organic applications needed to raise the viable seed up to 99%+ germination. Prior to enhancing the seed the immature/ non viable seed is removed within 1-5%. In addition to the higher germination rate, the seed will have an earlier stand in the field with all seeds germination within 48-72 hours or less. As the seed will be healthier we are looking to be able to drill the seed 1 in or deeper which is at a lower depth than some of the seed is being recommended currently but will give a stronger root system.

Stay tuned as GreenLife Biotics is the only company pulling out salts from our products, from the soil and changing the way the hemp will be farmed in the future!