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2019 Outdoor Hemp Season

New Products for 2019

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2019 Season going strong with Enhance MC being applied to 1000s of acres of Hemp with our full Organic and Hybrid programs showing excellent results on 100’s of acres through the country.

Enhance MC Microbial Chelator was our first product to be rolled out but we are getting ready for the upcoming outdoor season and have a number of products that are already in use.  Please take a look at our current products and check out our coming soon page as well.

GLB Digester

Is a consortium of living beneficial microorganisms that have the ability to degrade a wide variety of
organic polymers such as starch, cellulose, chitin, and lignin.  It has the ability to increase organic matter and CEC in the soil as well as break down fall residue to reduce diseases and insect pressure for the next crop. It degrades dead plant tissue converting it to valuable organic matter while breaking down waxy lignins and fats in dead plant residue.  GLB Digester helps to mineralize fall and spring dry plant food including manure, creating an excellent decay system I the soil promoting aeration for enhanced microbial life.  Our microbes also mitigate salt in the soil working in the lower rhizosphere releasing soluble phosphorous and freeing up calcium making it available for plant uptake. Though we use it on post harvest we are finding some amazing results by using during the season as well but more testing specifically on hemp will be done throughout the 2019 season.   Submitted to OMRI

Post harvest Digester program – 16 oz of GLB Digester with 16 oz of Liquid Organic Matter and 1 gallon of GLB FISH 5-1-2 to help breakdown plant residue including weed seeds and help to mineralize dry nutrients. Recommend to apply right after harvest.

GLB Liquid Organic Matter

GLB Liquid Organic Matter enhances the overall ability of the soil to retain moisture.  It helps the soil retain inorganic water soluble fertilizers in the root zones and leaching is reduced. It has the ability to increase organic matter and Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) in the soil as well. This product does not only improve long term pH but increases efficiency and yields for applied nutrients as they are more easily taken up by the plant.  With 12% Humic acid and a 8.5 pH it is not only an excellant long chain carbon food source but a strong chelating agent as well. Do not be fooled by the higher pH.   OMRI LISTED

Pre Plant and Post Harvest – 16 oz applied with Enhance MC Microbial Chelator or GLB Microbial Digester as a microbial food source,

In season for emergence and growth –

Fertilizer Uptake-  1 oz per gallon of liquid fertilizers to increase efficiency and yields for applied nutrients.

Microbial Application- 16 oz per acre per application

Chelating Agent-  1-3 oz per gallon of water as a stand alone product per application. Inquire for more information


GLB Fish 5-1-2 Homogenized Concentrate

This is not a fish emulsion or a hydrolysate, it will not separate like all the normal fish products. Many of the fish products today use sulfuric acid to break down their fish and not all of it gets out before they bottle it.  GLB FISH 5-1-2 is truly a cold homogenized concentrate with no heat added. Most fish products are  2% N while ours is 5% with nothing else added to get it there. At the end of the day we will put this against any fish product on the market.  Submitting to OMRI

GLB 5-0-0

Plant based Nitrogen from amino acids and can be used as a foliar as well as in ground. Submitting to OMRI

GLB 1-9-9

100% available  0.3% sodium – Submitting to OMRI

GLB Brix

Over 61% long chain carbohydrates

GLB Dry Organic Matter (DOM)

Is a dry granular product that may be blended with most conventional and organic dry fertilizers. It helps the soil loosen and crumble, and thus increase aeration of soil as well as soil workability.  GLB DOM has the ability to increase organic matter and Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) in the soil and prevents soil cracking,  while reducing surface water runoff and soil erosion. It increases water holding capacity of soil and helps resist drought, increasing both organic and mineral substances essential to plant growth. It allows the soil to retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers in the root zones and reduces leaching as well as improves the biological structure of the soil by helping to neutralize both acid and alkaline soils which regulate the pH value of the soil. GLB DOM improves and optimizes the uptake of nutrients especially nitrogen and water by the plants, while having buffering properties in the soil.  Submitting to OMRI

Specific to Organic Use: • May be blended with Sulfate of Potash (0-0-50) or Calcium Phosphate (0-17.5-0)


Organic GLB Calcium 7%


Organic 0.9% magnesium

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