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Enhance MC

Microbial Chelator

Research Trials & Beta Testing of New Products

**Anecdotal Research Continually Updated**

Current testing shows positive preliminary results on the following points of interest as we look for additional confirmation prior to verifiable research trials.

*Organic Rooting concentrate and cloning solution show roots in 5-6 days and fully rooted clones in optimal environment on a 9 -11 day rooting cycle.  Non optimal environment still testing

*Testing reduced application rates from 4 ml to 3 mL of Enhance MC and adding 1 mL of BioMass OM per gallon for higher quality clones

*Increase regenerative regrowth during vegetative phase in commercial cloning environment.

*Increased yield to same or better levels regarding microbial bloom enhancement competitors in the marketplace.

Product and Price integrity sounds great, but if the product doesn’t do what we say it does, we’re just another nutrient company. The price is not even close…. 1 gallon of Enhance MC is less that 1 liter of any of the current leading microbial bloom enhancers on the market, but what about the product?

So, what are the research trials? Depending on slots available per state and need we give out samples to those willing to help us out. The first step is to enlist help to do anecdotal research, getting feedback from testing as many combinations and processes as possible. Our focus is on rooting/cloning, growth phase and bloom phase attributes with final quality and yield being a factor as well.

We want to compare our products, while at the same time standardize best practices for the cloning process on a small and large scale. We know what our product will do in our test settings for all four components of rooting concentrate, cloning solution as well as a grow and bloom enhancer but it is snake oil until real growers try it in their own settings.  It’s not about what we have grown, or how fast and big they got in our tests, it’s about when everything is not perfect in a grower’s facility, does our product still work with the same effectiveness? Honestly, we have found that our organic Enhance MC works as well as the synthetic rooting hormones as a rooting concentrate in proper environments, #10dayclones.  Regarding commercial products made for mass production, we have not found any organic cloning solution that has had the same or better results but we have not tried them all either.  We also feel it has worked as well or better than other microbial grow, and or bloom enhancers in side by sides on the market, however our opinion is just that… an opinion, and every company believes they make a great product so it doesn’t really have meaning until it gets out in the field and we get feedback.  Do we feel we have made one of the best products on the market at the best price? Yes, but now it’s time to find out.



We are looking for strategic groups and individuals willing to work with us to give us as much or little real feedback they are willing to give and those that work with us may get to beta test new products as they roll out. To beta test our next line of products we are looking for those that will first give us documented proof that they used our Enhance MC on a true test and used it through out an entire cycle.  Our new line of Grow and Bloom are not like anything else on the market.  They are 100% available to the plant and virtually salt free (less than 0.3% sodium)  It is a true all in one grow and all in one bloom product that will be of the highest quality on the market at the lowest price.

Our goal is to study how climate, water, soil, biology, nutrients and processes affect growing plants, not in the optimal conditions but in the imperfect growing environment and we are open to any aspects that participants are willing to document results from basic pictures through the process to involved data collection.

Once we have enough data we will start our trials to make verifiable claims but for now we need growers to test for us. Those interested will be asked to fill out some survey information and we will follow up by asking  how involved you would want to be.

This research is not limited to any one species of plant variety, the more species of plants tested the larger the database with more precise processes and application rates for each. We need commercial operations and individuals that use everything from super soils to hydroponics. Slots will fill up fast for some species of plants before others so submit today.

Studies may include one or more side by side tests of

Colonized plant roots to help during all stages of root growth - *Initial trials complete*

Enhanced root mass and density including early plant development - *Initial trial complete*

Enhanced root and shoot growth

Vegetative Growth Phase -clone growth and recovery

Competitor’s microbial products vs Enhance MC through all phases of growth

Undisclosed additional testing

As information is captured from our initial trials we will be updating our site with best practices so come back often! Trials are currently active and all slots are filled. The link below has been changed to the same as the link on the Home page please submit your email address for Product Updates, Giveaways and Beta Testing opportunities of new products. Thank you for your time, GreenLife Biotics Research Team