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Hemp Soil Consulting Services


*  Soil and water testing analysis

*  Address soil issues including salt mitigation, soil integrity, weed, disease and pest pressures.

*  With working knowledge of the wholesale and retail markets for CBD as well as over two years running a 36,000 sq feet indoor hemp facility on a 320 acre farm we have helped with some of the pitfalls new farmers and companies can run into saving them tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes.

*  Recommendations based off of farmer’s ability, environment, equipment and needs specific to each plot of land.



Post-Harvest Applications


Digester program to mineralize manure but also reduce weed, disease and insect pressure for following year.  Inform client with regards to issues that can be reduce or negated as in leaf Septoria (Septoria lycopersici fungus).  



Pre-Planting Applications


NPK Time Release nutrients (conventional), Organic & Conventional Nutrients, Microbial and Organic Matter products



In Season Field Applications


Organic and Conventional Macro and Micro nutrients depending on needs.



New Products




GLB Digester


It contains a blend of living beneficial microorganisms that have the ability to break down organic polymers including starch, cellulose, chitin and lignin.  

*  Has the ability to increase CEC and Organic Matter in the soil.

*  Breaks down post-harvest fall residue in the fields to help reduce disease and insect pressure for the following years crops.

*  Helps to mineralize manure as well as dry plant food.

*  Creates a good decay system and promotes aeration in soil as well.

*  Mitigates salt in the soil and breaks down cellulose from plant residue

*  Indoor potted plants – creates enzymes to clean up dead and dying roots to reduce disease and help sustain a healthy root system.


Organic 100% Available Nutrients


Organic Grow  5-1-2

Organic Bloom  1-10-10


*  Less than 0.3% sodium

*  100% available nutrition to the plant

*  No In-Cycle Flush – as there are no salts no need to periodically flush pots with straight water.


GLB Cal-Mag


*  100% Available No Salt

*  Calcium and Magnesium

*  More Info to Come


Bloom Accelerant 0.5-16.5-16.5


*  Synthetic bloom stimulator  1-4 mL per gallon

*  100% available nutrition to the plant

*   0.03% sodium



Broad Spectrum Algaecide and Fungicide – OMRI Listed


*  Hydrogen Peroxide based  

*  Pre-plant foliar on field to reduce non beneficial fungus (Leaf Septoria) on top soil.

*  Can be used directly on plants as a foliar spray

*  Also used for all the mildews found in greenhouses