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New Products

Hemp Soil Consulting Services


  *  Soil and water testing analysis *  Address soil issues including salt mitigation, soil integrity, weed, disease and pest pressures. *  With working knowledge of the wholesale and retail markets for CBD as well as over two years running a 36,000 sq feet indoor hemp facility on a 320 acre farm we have helped with some of the pitfalls new farmers and companies can run into saving them tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes. *  Recommendations based off of farmer’s ability, environment, equipment and needs specific to each plot of land.    


Pre-Planting Applications


  NPK Time Release nutrients (conventional), Organic & Conventional Nutrients, Microbial and Organic Matter products    


In Season Field Applications


  Organic and Conventional Macro and Micro nutrients depending on needs.    


New Products





GLB  Magnesium  0.9%


GLB Calcium  7%






Synthetic Line



Veg 5-10-5


* Synthetic Veg formula  *  100% available nutrition to the plant *


Liquid Organic Matter


12% Humic Acid


GLB Micro Nutrient  


All essential micro nutrients except MG and CA.  100% available   4 mls to a gallon of water. 


Bloom Accelerant




  * Synthetic PK Booster   *  100% available nutrition to the plant *   0.03% sodium    


Synthetic Line in Testing Now-  Application rates 

Veg  – Per gallon rates

6 mL of 5-10-10

6 mL of Liquid Organic Matter

4 mL of GLB Micro Nutrient


Bloom per gallon rates 

6 mL of 0.5-17-17

6 mL of Liquid Organic Matter

4 mL of GLB Micro Nutrient 




Additional Conventional & Organic Outdoor Products 


  *  Contact for information