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Fall 2019-2020 Services

Hemp Soil Consulting Services

* Soil and water testing analysis * Address soil issues including salt mitigation, soil integrity, weed, disease and pest pressures. * With working knowledge of the wholesale and retail markets for CBD as well as over two years running a 36,000 sq feet indoor hemp facility on a 320 acre farm we have helped with some of the pitfalls new farmers and companies can run into saving them tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes. * Recommendations based off of farmer’s ability, environment, equipment and needs specific to each plot of land.

Fall 2019 Post Harvest Program

Digest plant residue in the soil including dormant weed seeds reducing pests, disease and weed pressure as well as mineralize manure for the following year.

Soil Detox & Remediation

Remove Heavy Metals, Salts, Petroleum Based Herbicides, Soil Borne Disease while balancing the soil.

2020 Indoor Propagation - Mother Plants and Clones

Serpent Oil Hybrid Nutrient Line because its all Snake Oil until you try it!