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Enhance MC

Microbial Chelator

Our Products

Organic plant and soil health

The founding principle of our products is Nutrient Efficiency to improve soil structure and chelation of nutrients for healthier plants. Our products have almost zero salts (less than 0.2% sodium) to make all of our nutrient and microbial products completely available to the plant.

Greenhouse Propagation & Growing

To help growers become more efficient while bringing a healthy biology & nutrient mix specific to an outdoor soil environment into indoor hydro, soil and soilless mediums for better quality and yields.

Outdoor Organic Hemp Nutrients

To bring a Quality, Organic, No Salt ( less than 0.2% sodium) full microbial and nutrient line to hemp farmers throughout the U.S at AG pricing.

Change the industry pricing dynamic

For too long everyday growers and large commercial operations have had to pay an excessive premium for quality products at hydroponic stores.

Our Story

Our mission -

is to create premium nutrient efficient products for commercial farm operations as well as the smallest of backyard gardens at a fair price.

The primary goal -

is to create a company that has both product and price integrity. It’s easy to say but very hard to do. If we take away anything from being around the farming community and apply it to a company it is, do as you say and say as you do. If we make the highest quality products and at the lowest possible price, then we change the marketplace.

Our Research & Beta Testing of New Products

Sample Research Trial studies include one or more side by side tests of:

-Enhanced root mass and density including early plant development

-Enhanced root and shoot growth

-Vegetative Growth Phase -clone growth and recovery

-Competitor’s rooting, cloning solution and microbial products vs Enhance MC through all phases of growth

-Bloom Enhancement testing with a stabilized 15-23% yield increase in not optimal environment conditions.

Beta Testing of new products.

-Select companies and individuals will be chosen once application rate testing has concluded for the next three products to be release in the coming 6 months


More Stores and states will be coming online in the upcoming months if you are a retailer that would like to carry our product please use the contact form on the home page.   Colorado North of Denver   The Grow Shop Ft. Collins 1711 S. College Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80525 (970) 484-1042   The Grow Shop Greeley 1701 Greeley Mall Rd Greeley, CO 80631 (970) 352-5447   The Grow Shop Loveland 240 S Cleveland Ave Loveland, CO 80537 (970) 619-8678   Denver Area   The Big Tomato 695 Billings Street Aurora, CO 80011 (303) 364-4769   Colorado Springs   Gro Monster 4174 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (719) 308-2176   Pueblo   SoCo Organics Garden Center 2390, 608 E Abriendo Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004 (719) 205-0449   Grand Junction   Natural Order Supply 2493 US-6 #5, Grand Junction, CO 81505 (970) 242-3648   Minnesota   North of Minneapolis Brew & Grow Minnesota 8302 Hwy 65 NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432

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OMRI Certified *Available in Colorado, Minnesota and will be opening up additional states later this year.